Apple Pay Problems. Customer Goes Crazy at restaurant staff (Watch Video)
by on April 6, 2016 in April 2016

Apple Pay

This man goes ballistic over payment for his food with Apple Pay and the restaurant are saying that he has not paid.

Apple Pay is supposed to be a stress free system for paying on the go. An app is available which acts like a virtual wallet on your iphone which you can top up with money and pay for things without having to carry money. It all sounds completely convenient and obviously works well for most people who know how to work it. The customer in this video has obviously come across some unfortunate errors resulting in a full on confrontation with the restaurant staff in this video. He has proof that he has paid with Apple Pay but they are still not complying with him and have treated him quite badly and appear to be quite rude.

The manager is trying to tell the customer that the food has not been paid for and the customer who has ordered the food apparently has proof on his phone that he has paid with Apple Pay. The staff are simply not having any of it and the video ends in a row over the fact that the customer has not had an apology from the manager when the manager did clearly say sorry.
It seems like there is either a problem with Apple over their pay system or it’s a problem with the restaurant and their system with the service. The funny part of the video is the argument in the end turns out to be a dispute over why the customer has not had an apology and that the manager is a liar.

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It certainly looks and sounds like the customer has had a few swift drinks to be honest and this could be another problem to the long list of errors. At the end of the video the customer is interviewed and asked a few questions about Apple Pay. Judging by the man’s voice and body language, we reckon he has had a fair few. Let’s hope that the new Apple iphone 7 runs nice and smoothly when it’s launched.

What do you think? Check out the video below:

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