Armpit sniffing fetish is a stark reality and a themed night is coming to London.
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It’s not just ass eating restaurants that are the focus of sexual fetishes, armpit sniffing is leading the way..

A popular dating events company are holding a very special night called ‘Romancing the armpit’ which involves the dark art of armpit sniffing. The whole event is supposed to be a small scale opportunity for couples to indulge in exploring the personalty through sniffing each others armpits.

The way this is supposed to work is very similar to dogs sniffing each others rear ends to get to know the identity and personalty of the dog. Sniffing the armpit is the human way of checking each other out. It’s all in the pheromone chemicals that are given off in the odour that gives the smeller the blueprint of the person who is giving off the odour. In the animal kingdom it can help trigger behaviours in animals.

It seems like a lot of hassle just to get to know each other. I would definitely get an idea from someone who is smelling like a rat’s arse from someone who has the Lynx effect. It doesn’t take chemical reactions to give me the idea of their character. If my partner smelt like a mouldy curry that had been thrown up by the family cat then it’s obvious that they have the character of a ‘dirty bastard’.

If you are into strange sexual fetishes like sniffing armpits or licking the big toe of your best mate then head on over to our other article about the Japanese ass eating restaurant where we report on the mysterious Japanese restaurant that specialises in the delicacy of ass eating.

If you fancy popping down to ‘Romancing the Armpit’ then make sure you are in the are of Borough Market on the 27th April 2016 at The Alcoholic Architecture.

Check out Bompas & Parr for more information.



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