Ass eating restaurant in Japan where the food tastes like crap.
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Ass eating restaurant ass eating restaurant

Are you hungry for some Ass? Get ready for the Japanese ass eating restaurant.

Is this a real ass eating restaurant or is it just a Japanese game show?

This has to top the number one spot for the worlds weirdest restaurants, the Japanese ass eating restaurant….

Welcome to Japan where you can have a taste of someones ass rather than have a nice meal out with friends. Apparently many are saying on line that this is a game show where the contestants smell the asses to see which one it belongs to but there are many tweets saying that it is actually a Japanese ass eating restaurant. Our advice would be to NOT opt for the main course as this could be the starter and I’m not even going to think about desert or a drink. Side orders of crabs could finally throw you over the edge so maybe just walk on past this place and search for a fast food restaurant instead.


ass eating restaurant

Judging by the picture, they have goggles on which tells me that this could of been a game show. Even if it’s a game show it is still wrong of the highest order but they also have plenty of other restaurants appealing to sexual pleasures so this could be legit. Japan has always pushed the boundaries with TV game shows and pretty vile pranks in the past so we reckon that it’s a game show rather than a restaurant.

There is also another story of an incident of ‘ass eating’ at last years TomorrowWorld EDM Dance festival in the US. A photo of the couple engaged in the activity caused a debate on whether this type of activity is appropriate at a music festival. What do you think? Is this normal behavior or would they have been on some really mad drug to be doing something as bizarre as this?

This makes the art of pizza flinging look tame…

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