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cargo theft
Brazil Highway Robbery Indicates Cargo Theft.

Mystery Around Highway Robbery Revealed As Cargo Theft. A recent video has emerged on Social Media which has confused many

May 25, 2017
Man Is Found Driving On Drugs and Overdoses

Man Overdoses And Found Driving On Drugs. A man from Ohio USA was found driving on drugs and he had

April 19, 2017
Watch Sewer Explode Like A Bomb When Man Drops Cigarette

Watch Sewer Hole Explode Like A Bomb When Man Drops Cigarette. He won’t be doing that again in a hurry..

April 11, 2017
Masturbation Bill
New Masturbation Bill Came Into Affect In Texas USA

Texas Masturbation Bill intends to fine men $100. Yes that’s right we know it sounds crazy but its true. This

April 8, 2017
walmart aisle fire
The Walmart Aisle Fires Have Got Out Of Hand

The Walmart Aisle Fires Have Got Out Of Hand Sooner or later people will get hurt. The Walmart aisle fires

April 6, 2017
thick people have more friends
Thick People Are More Popular

  Thick People Are More Popular. (New study reveals) A new study has found that thick people are more popular

April 6, 2017
dj bookings
Discoboy is available for DJ hire

You can now book Discoboy for DJ hire at any event. You have all seen him parading the streets and

May 17, 2016
man boobs
Why man boobs are the new trend this summer

There is a distinct possibility that man boobs could be on the increase, and the UK will be at the

May 9, 2016
computer nerd
Computer nerd with plenty of time available adds googly eyes to film clip

We have come to the conclusion that a computer nerd has too much time on their hands. It’s funny to

April 28, 2016
armpit sniffing
Armpit sniffing fetish is a stark reality and a themed night is coming to London.

// ]]> It’s not just ass eating restaurants that are the focus of sexual fetishes, armpit sniffing is leading the

April 15, 2016
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