Friend of discoboy digidan gets put in prison for bomb hoax prank
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bomb hoax Danh Van Le

Danh Van Le from Trollstation gets a prison sentence for filming bomb hoax prank.

There must be something in the water lately, what with Discoboy going to court for pizza throwing in public and now Trollstation’s Danh Van Le getting a flipping prison sentence for a bomb hoax prank. The hoax started out as the usual Trollstation joke that the guys are famous for.

The bomb hoax was supposed to be another one of Trollstation’s classic pranks and one of their highlights for sure, but the ‘bomb in a clock, in a suitcase’ prank to scare civilians had got a tad out of control in the eyes of the security services. The hoax was actually meant to mirror the 14 year old American boy who caused mayhem with his homemade clock last year. Ahmed Mohammed made the homemade clock and brought it into school to show his teacher who then thought it was a bomb and took it to the school principle. The news then went viral and luckily there was a happy ending for Ahmed.

Unfortunately for Danh the prank has been taken out of proportion by the security services. Trollstation is one of the UK’s biggest channels with millions of views worldwide. It’s a bit unfair to send Danh to prison for what was initially a prank for their Youtube channel. He has about 24 weeks in prison for this bomb hoax prank when a Jackie Chan movie causes more fear while blowing up a bus in London and gets away with it. “The Foreigner” movie was filmed in London featuring Jackie Chan and one of the scenes was the blowing up of a bus which they had the authority for doing it but still alarmed hundreds of people while the Trollstation prank alarmed only a few people.

What does Lee ‘Discoboy’ think? “There is an offense there but the court has totally gone over the top and you can’t do anything in the UK anymore without this paranoia. It’s not like he did a prank and shut down an airport and people lost all their jobs, it was a simple prank that was blown out of proportion. They have basically taken away Danh’s freedom when they could of settled with a fine”

Here is the discoboy rant off regarding the story:


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