Brit Awards – Lorde copies #discoboy with David Bowie Tribute
by on February 24, 2016 in February 2016



Discoboy quotes: “I can’t believe Lorde has copied my special David Bowie tribute on the Brit Awards although it was a completely different song, so I will let her off!


“As you could see it wasn’t a patch on my tribute. I was hoping to be on the Brit Awards tonight to show them lot how to do it properly FFS!”

Discoboy is a little upset with the Brit Awards tribute as we all know that the above video parody has a humorous edge to an epic career with one of rock & pop’s greatest legends. We are certain that the likes of Lorde would not have the b****cks to prance about in hot pants, ski hat and glasses the way discoboy did.

Discoboy also quoted “I’m gutted really as I was planning on going to the Brit Awards to do the tribute but I’m DJing at the Kaos student event tonight in Wolverhampton, so I can’t be at 2 places at once” Discoboy obviously chose the most rocking place to be in the end then.

Anyway after seeing the Brit Awards tonight there seemed to be a tad of ethnic diversity with The Weeknd doing a live performance, and Adele won countless awards for the most ‘foul mouthed artist ever’ so basically for another year it was not a bad evening’s entertainment. It was a shame that a mature pop star was not falling off the stage again like last year’s performance by Madonna (sponsored by Help the Aged).




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