Brazil Highway Robbery Indicates Cargo Theft.
by on May 25, 2017 in May 2017

cargo theft

Mystery Around Highway Robbery Revealed As Cargo Theft.

A recent video has emerged on Social Media which has confused many viewers who were asking questions – “why is this happening?’. The incident was Cargo Theft which is big business in Brazil and many gangs are robbing vehicles at gunpoint on highways.

The video shows a highway in Brazil and various cars coming to a halt. You then see various men with large machine guns approach the other vehicles looking for something or someone. We have tracked down information regarding the video and apparently this is a cargo theft incident and the gang were looking for electronic gadgets. There was at least nine criminals who took two security guards hostage from one of the retained vehicles.

Brazil has a wave of these incidents where criminal gangs are hijacking and robbing vehicles at gunpoint and it’s all to do with cargo theft. It’s big business in Brazil and the money made from these thefts are funnelled into drug trafficking and arms. These incidents have spiralled out of control and the revenue made from these thefts can be well over $21 million and they are still happening.

The two worst areas are Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and many of the incidents are just brushed aside as Drug trafficking is considered as more serious. Electronic gadgets as well as alcohol, cigarettes, meat and pharmaceuticals are the main interests for the gangs and make them vast amounts of money. It appears that the whole of Latin America has been affected by these cargo theft incidents but Brazil is the worst affected.

It’s normally smaller criminal gangs that operate these highway robberies and the larger gangs take a cut from the profit of what these smaller gangs make. It’s crazy to know that these incidents go on daily in Brazil and not taken as serious as other crimes like drug trafficking. These smaller crimes are supporting the larger crimes, so you would think they would try and stop the root of the problem.

Check out the video below.


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