Forget sex, designer babies will be the easy way to have the perfect child.
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designer babies

Designer babies will be the easy way to have the perfect child.

Who loves a good bonk?

Well I’m confident that we all agree that we do like to have good sex on a regular basis right? Well within the next 30 years scientists will be producing designer babies for you and bypassing the natural act of baby making. Two people in love will be ditching sex for the science lab and asking the scientist to make a designer baby for them and only having sex for pleasure rather than for the purpose of having a baby.

Even having sex for pleasure will be under threat with the invention of realistic sex robots that will be able to do all the moves and positions that a real human can do without all the hassle that goes with having real sex. At least the robot won’t answer back, experience the monthlies, feel tired or have a headache. With regards to ordering your designer baby, all you need to do is provide sperm from the fella and a skin sample from the girl. The cells will then be formed from the skin and turned into eggs. The baby can then be designed to the specifications of the parents and all the usual problems that nature can throw at you will be a thing of the past.designer_babies


You can also choose how intelligent the baby will be as well as how attractive and how healthy it will be. There will be a massive amount of 100% perfect people walking about in 20-30 years time which will leave the current generation in a bit of a predicament. This will all come with a huge price tag so yet again it will only be the top earners that will have this opportunity to have the perfect child.

 IVF has been around for many years now and is the process of removing eggs from the ovaries, and mixing with sperm for fertilization. The future of making your baby perfect in the way you wish it to be is a technology that is in reach in the next stage of development and could take a few more years to progress.

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