Discoboy to host Rudetube on Channel 4 this summer
by on April 1, 2016 in April 2016

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Alex Zane asks Discoboy to host Rudetube during summer of 2016

It’s not everyday you get asked to host a TV series like Rudetube that has millions of views every week but the dream has come true for Discoboy.

Rudetube is a Channel 4 series that highlights some of the best Youtube and internet videos online and is hosted by Alex Zane who has stated that he “needs a break for a while”. Alex Zane has hosted the show since February 2009 and took over from Matt Kirshen who hosted Rudetube from it’s beginnings in 2008. Alex mentioned to the producers of the show that Discoboy would be the best man for the job as long as he behaves himself on set. The crew are slightly worried that there will be some pranks being played out behind the scenes but they thought that it would make their working day a whole lot funnier if he did.


We asked Discoboy what he intends on doing that is different from how Alex presents the show. He said “I want to present the show in my usual Discoboy attire and shout Oi Oi after every clip just so you know that it’s really me on the TV and not a hologram”.

Discoboy has had a few videos featured on Rudetube and has had his ‘Asda supermarket rave’ video featured in the Top 100 videos of the year and reached number 88 on the New Year show back in January. We also reckon that there may be a few exclusive videos of Discoboy featured on the series from time to time, but he did say that he would save his best work for his loyal Facebook fans.

On the subject of videos on Facebook, don’t worry there are some exclusive videos coming soon from Discoboy so keep watching the facebook page. You can also subscribe to his Youtube channel (Mr Lee Marshall) and sign up to the mailing list on our contacts page on this website.

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