Discoboy get’s suspended prison sentence after off duty police officer mistakes selfie stick for firearm.
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selfie stick

Selfie stick firearm – You’ve heard it all now.


Discoboy was messing around with friends in his usual style, which was intended to be a spare of the moment prank on his mates. He get’s out of his van with his mates motorcycle balaclava on and started to tell friends to put their hands against the wall and take a barrage of ‘selfie bullets’ with his selfie stick firearm.

At the same point that Discoboy Lee Marshall had raised his selfie stick gun (which was not even loaded with selfie bullets), the off duty police officer came cruising around the corner in his Mercedes car. He had noticed Discoboy Lee Marshall (fully clothed) with balaclava and selfie stick and had mistaken it for a gun.

He stopped by and asked whether everything was okay and when his mates told the off duty officer that we were all friends and it was just a mess about situation, he then got out of his car and started chasing Lee around in circles until they were both very dizzy (see image directly below at the copper and Marshall fallen over for being dizzy)

selfie stick

Marshall was confused as to why he was being chased around in circles and was apparently under arrest despite the officer not producing any ID and seemed to want more of a fight than anything else.

selfie stick

The officer then continues to be quite threatening to Marshall which makes Lee think that he is a nut case just on some kind of power trip when he was not even on duty. At this time Marshall was not even aware that he was a policeman so it was all rather shocking for Discoboy Lee Marshall who rarely gets into these predicaments, and as you know he just likes to entertain the public in his usual fun way.

Eventually the real police turn up and then Marshall is arrested and taken to the police station and cell overnight. He was then released on bail for assault on a police officer, firearms and armed robbery (believe it or not). Marshall was very annoyed by this and went home and decided to rant online about this ridiculous incident, which was all blown out of proportion by this power crazy off duty copper.

When returning back to his bail, Marshall is told that PC Jon Corstorphine had gone to his superior to try and get marshall done for ‘witness intimidation’ because of the rant online. The officer was told that this is not ‘witness intimidation’ but somehow there are offences in there that Marshall has committed and the whole case ends up in court. The officer also went to the press with his side of the story (heavy duty selfie stick LOL).

The officer knows exactly what to say in court and tells the judge that he has been ‘scared by the rant’ and has fitted security cameras, reinforced front doors and various other security measures. The police officer had taken this all to the extremes when there was no immediate threat from Marshall, unless naming and shaming someone for being an idiot is an offence? It just seemed like he wanted Discoboy put away for something as mediocre as this incident.

All other charges were crushed and all Marshall ended up with was 42 days in prison suspended sentence for 12 months and a fine (paid for by loyal Facebook fans) for making a Facebook rant, which is still way over the top and currently under appeal.

The moral of the story is that if you are in Gravesend, Kent you need to keep your selfie stick hidden from off duty coppers on a power trip.

How ridiculous this has all gotten.


On a lighter more upbeat note – there is a new remix from Discoboy on the way, which is an edit of Mr Oizo ‘Flatbeat’ from 1999 and Fatboy Slim ‘Star 69’ mashed up and remixed for 2016. Discoboy will also be producing a new DJ mix radio show, which will feature shout outs to loyal fans.


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