Freak goes to the extreme with face piercing
by on March 29, 2016 in March 2016

Extreme face Piercing

This dude is obviously not satisfied with the average body piercing.

Why would you go to this extreme when piercing your body? This guy was obviously not satisfied with a nose ring, lip pierce or the odd eyebrow ring. It’s crazy how some people will do mad things like this to attract a bit of attention.

If you do some research on piercings you will find some horrific stories and images of various body parts that feature piercings including tonsils, horizontal tongue piercing, septum (nostril piercing), eyelid piercing and snakebites (near the lips). This guy is one of a few that like to go that little bit further and it amazes me how he manages to eat properly with all those holes in his cheeks.

If you like a bit of history then you would be pleased to know that this practice has been around for about 5,000 years, going back to ancient Egyptian times. There was also piercings documented in African and American Indian cultures. The recent practices have been going on since the 30’s and more adventurous areas of the body had been pierced from the 1970’s up to today.

Throughout the years piercing was meant to be for spiritual reasons and more recently for self expression, rebellion, self-expression and sexual pleasure.

Check out the video below and watch this guy pass things through his cheeks and show his tongue and teeth through the side of his mouth. Make sure you are not eating anything while watching this freakish display of extreme piercing. It’s really not a pretty sight to the eyes and I can’t see any point in going this far to be honest. I am thinking that this fella just like the attention and maybe get’s a lot of pleasure from the pain of having this amount of piercings in one area of the body.




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