Gas stove DJ ignites crowd playing edm tune, Watch what happens on the drop..
by on March 8, 2016 in February 2016

Gas Stove DJ electronic dance music

Gas Stove DJ ignites crowd playing EDM tune. Wait for the drop to see what happens (video below).

Everyone is a DJ today, even kids with gas stoves. At least this one is a double stove which looks remarkably like a DJ controller or a pair of CD decks. This kid DJ ignites crowd with EDM tune and loves the attention. His mates are lapping up the choice of tune. The drop is where it get’s very interesting and he definitely ignites the crowd with his EDM DJ actions like punching the air and waving his hands like he just don’t care and all that. It’s what he does to his imitation DJ controller that makes the video entertaining.

We reckon that this kid is as talented as David Guetta on those decks. I wonder if he pre-recorded his set before he was let loose on the gas stove turntables of fire? Maybe he could of dressed appropriately in Russian ski hat, sunglasses and hot pants just like what discoboy wears, to set it off nicely!

Check out the video below:




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