Watch this dude back flip from truck into another guy
by on March 24, 2016 in March 2016

Back Flip

Watch this dude back flip from truck into another guy.

There is an art and skill to doing back flips and it can look quite amazing if you get it right, unless someone walks out in front of you then it can all look very wrong. Watch the video below to see the fella on the truck ordering people to make space while he does a back flip not knowing that there will be the odd passer by that just so happens to get in the way. Apparently it was a party crowd who were enjoying a well deserved spring break quite possibly from University or school. There are plenty of birds on that truck that would definitely be into his gymnastic body after witnessing this body flop into the heavier fella walking in front of him.

What do you reckon of this video?

Does it look fake or do you think it was a genuine accident?

Either way it was entertaining for the crowd who were watching him in all his glory, counting down for the launch of his elastic torso springing from the truck. A genuine accident can look like it’s not been staged but some can be very high on the ‘fake levelometer’ I’m not sure what to think really as it looks quite genuine but the bystander who got in the way just looks like he walked in front on purpose. We are very good at spotting a fake video or prank as you know due to a very popular person that has recently had a slice of traditional Italian food in the face.

Anyway we love these videos and they make good entertainment so whether it’s fake or not, there is something fascinating in someone else’s misfortune. Watch the video below and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

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