Liam Gallagher threatens Sacha Baron Cohen with a knife in the eye.
by on March 4, 2016 in February 2016

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Liam Gallagher threatens Sacha Baron Cohen with a knife in the eye.

Sacha Baron Cohen talks about the latest threat from the hard man of rock – Liam Gallagher. Sacha met Liam at the GQ awards recently and after getting into a few minutes of banter the Grimsby star was shocked to receive a threat from Oasis front man Liam.

Liam was sitting next to Bono from U2 when Sacha decided to approach Liam to ask him whether it was ok to make a joke about him. Liam actually said it was ok but what upset Liam was regarding the question that Liam asked Sacha – ‘Who is the biggest living rock star?’. After several failed attempts to answer the question correctly, Liam mentioned that that the answer was ‘John Lennon’. Sacha then said ‘but John Lennon is dead’. Liam then got up and said ‘he is still alive, I am John Lennon’ and at this point he lost balance and fell over, thinking that Sacha had pushed him. The threat of stabbing Sacha in the eye then followed quite shockingly in Liam Gallaghers northern accent – ‘I will f***ing stab you in the eye’.

There is a whole lot more to this but you will need to check the video for the meat of the story. I wonder what Liam will think of Sacha’s latest movie based on life in Grimsby?




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