Why man boobs are the new trend this summer
by on May 9, 2016 in May 2016

man boobs

There is a distinct possibility that man boobs could be on the increase, and the UK will be at the forefront of this comeback.

Clothing stores across the nation are looking into selling a new kind of bra aimed at men who are sporting man boobs (moobs) which are larger and softer than average pecks. The type of man that has these larger than average breasts tend to be the 7 pints a night lager drinker who ends up either in an Indian restaurant or kebab shop after the daily drink binge. He is also likely to be a football supporter and loves to read The Sun newspaper and Daily Star.

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The clothing stores have obviously seen a market for this and are in the process of selling ‘Man Bras’ that have football teams on them and branded beer logos. They know that they will sell very well indeed as these guys have absolutely no shame in having man boobs whatsoever. In fact many of them show them off in public putting many flat chested ladies to shame.

We asked a couple of guys with man boobs what they thought of them. John Menton from Newcastle told us – “I used to be quite slim and well built until my mates told me that I needed to act like a man and watch football while eating takeaways and drinking up to 10 pints of beer, at least two to three times a week. I did this for 6 months and realised that my breasts got bigger”. John also told us that his mates all had larger than average breasts due to the manly lifestyle so he felt like the odd one out.

man boobs 3

We also asked another large breasted man called Tim Bunter from Romford in Essex what advice he could give flat chested girls, his response was – “Forget boob jobs, just drink lots of beer and eat shit more than twice a week as well as watching the footy while drinking and eating and within 6 months you will have massive tits”

Looks like some good advice for the ladies then. We are sure the fella’s would love a woman like that what with her football passion and lager drinking habits. The added bonus is her massive tits so at the end of it all, remember to keep those man boobs out of the sun.

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