Man rescued woman trapped under van within seconds
by on March 23, 2016 in March 2016


Man rescued woman trapped by van within seconds.

Check out the video:

CCTV in China picks up this dramatic footage of a pedestrian run over by a small van and rescued by passer by, in the district of Anhui. It’s crazy to see that this driver obviously needs to wear glasses because it’s plain to see that she is walking across the road in front of the van. The remarkable thing is that the passer by is quick off the mark to help out the stranded pedestrian and manages to get her free with the help of many more pedestrians that are willing to help.

The duration of this dramatic rescue attempt was a nerve racking 48 seconds but I’m sure the pedestrian was thinking that it was a lot longer, being stuck under the vehicle and not being able to move. It’s great to see that so many people can club together and lift up this vehicle with a bit of ‘people power’. Its a miracle that she didn’t have any major fractures or bruising because reports say that she only had a minor injury. It’s good to know that there is some good people out there especially in an area of the world where it’s known for people to just get on with their day when something like this happens.

The strange part about this video is the girl in the van casually get’s out when it suits her and has no interest in helping the trapped pedestrian under the vehicle. She just get’s out and looks on as if the driver has had a flat tire or something. Let’s hope the passer by receives the gratitude that he deserves from the pedestrian who was the first one that initially came to the rescue. I am sure you will agree that she definitely had someone looking over her that day for sure.




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