Man uses Dyson Hair Dryer as a sex toy.
by on April 27, 2016 in April 2016

Dyson hair dryer

Man uses Dyson hair dryer as a sex toy and was rushed to hospital on Monday evening with the new dryer stuck on his penis.

There is no doubt that the new Dyson hair dryer will be a success for all hair loving females that want a robust and quality product to dry their hair with. Tom Dobson from Richmond had seen another use for the new cutting edge design, and his mind went into overtime when he noticed his girlfriends new hairdryer.

We asked Tom what on earth was he thinking, when he decided to use the hair dryer for his sexual urges? “I took one look at the design and noticed the whacking great big hole through the middle and instantly thought that I could fit my penis into it”. Unfortunately for Tom his penis got stuck once it had erected to a larger size once inside the Dyson hair dryer. Tom told us “I should of used lubrication, I wouldn’t of been in this embarrassing situation if I had”. His girlfriend wasn’t amused and has warned him that if he does it again, she will make him do it again in front of her while she turns the dryer on full heat.

The nurses at the hospital were trying to keep a straight face while trying to prize it off from his member. One of the nurses told us “Tom is a big boy and it’s made it harder for me to release the dryer from his penis due to his larger than average size. His girlfriend is a lucky girl and so is the Dyson hair dryer”

Tom has agreed to just make do with having average sex from now on and to stop shoving his penis into new products that have just come onto the market. There is a rumour that Dyson are designing a new hair dryer with a larger hole for big boy’s like Tom to use as sex toys as well as hair dryers.

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