armpit sniffing
Armpit sniffing fetish is a stark reality and a themed night is coming to London.

// ]]> It’s not just ass eating restaurants that are the focus of sexual fetishes, armpit sniffing is leading the

April 15, 2016
selfie stick
Discoboy get’s suspended prison sentence after off duty police officer mistakes selfie stick for firearm.

Selfie stick firearm – You’ve heard it all now.   Discoboy was messing around with friends in his usual style,

April 15, 2016
virtual reality sex
Virtual reality sex suit could replace the real thing – watch the video

// ]]> Virtual reality sex suit could replace the real thing in years to come.. Many far eastern countries are

April 14, 2016
Apple Pay
Apple Pay Problems. Customer Goes Crazy at restaurant staff (Watch Video)

This man goes ballistic over payment for his food with Apple Pay and the restaurant are saying that he has

April 6, 2016
discoboy microphone
Discoboy to host Rudetube on Channel 4 this summer

  Alex Zane asks Discoboy to host Rudetube during summer of 2016 It’s not everyday you get asked to host

April 1, 2016
tannerite explosives
Tannerite explodes and blows off mans leg while shooting at his lawnmower

It’s not everyday that you hear of an incident where a man shoots at a lawnmower full of Tannerite explosives

April 1, 2016
Sesame Street Regulate mashup becomes a Youtube hit.

  Sesame Street Regulate | Warren G Rap classic Regulate get’s synced to Sesame Street. YouTuber ‘Mylo the Cat’ throws

March 31, 2016
prostate cancer
Prostate cancer can be prevented by daily masturbation

The key to stay healthy and prevent prostate cancer is for men to masturbate daily. Some statistics have come out

March 30, 2016
Freak goes to the extreme with face piercing

This dude is obviously not satisfied with the average body piercing. Why would you go to this extreme when piercing

March 29, 2016
designer babies
Forget sex, designer babies will be the easy way to have the perfect child.

Designer babies will be the easy way to have the perfect child. Who loves a good bonk? Well I’m confident

March 29, 2016
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