Prostate cancer can be prevented by daily masturbation
by on March 30, 2016 in March 2016

prostate cancer

The key to stay healthy and prevent prostate cancer is for men to masturbate daily.

Some statistics have come out of Harvard medical school saying that men who have a daily toss are less likely to develop prostate cancer. They did a study on men aged over 40 for about 18 years and found that it’s actually a good preventative measure in fighting and preventing prostate cancer.

The experts in this study found that the cancer causing agents can be flushed out during ejaculation and can prevent prostate cancer in men. There is also a study that finds women who masturbate frequently are less likely to develop diseases . It’s a very natural process so, they shouldn’t be ashamed of doing it.

The only con with masturbating for men is repetitive strain syndrome and blisters on the hand. John Thomas from Cockshoot Close, Oxfordshire, UK told us that his daily tossing has made the end of his member as smooth as a ‘garden gnomes hat’ and has become highly addicted to the pleasurable experience. John stated “I can’t stop doing it and now I know that it’s good for you, it’s become a daily routine before I have a shower”.

prostate cancer

We also spoke to Lisa Lovelolly from Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire, UK about her daily masturbation and she stated to us that it’s become a daily routine too. She stated “As soon as I found out about this study I went crazy and did it in the morning and afternoon when before I was only really doing it once a week. I felt a bit pervy at first but then felt smug as I knew that I would live forever”

It’s great news to know that there is nothing more healthy than a good stroke, and we can all have a good old rub without being embarrassed knowing that it keeps nasty diseases at bay.


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