Rant goes viral after man gets arrested for squaring up to anti-breastfeeding bullies.
by on February 25, 2016 in February 2016

rant goes viral

Rant goes viral after man gets arrested for squaring up to anti-breastfeeding bullies. Watch here it’s brilliant…

Eh lads – what do you reckon of breastfeeding in public?

Personally I’m right up for it as it’s a natural and beautiful thing as Liam Gillet has recently stated in his latest video. Anyone who has a problem with a healthy dose of nipple noshing needs to get their heads tested. I like to see a good portion of breast being tickled by a new born baby as they need all the goodness of magic mother milk to be honest. In fact bring it on and more of it!

They should be allowed to practice the natural art of breastfeeding in public. I’m in agreement with Liam on breast feeding and anyone who is against this natural beauty needs to get a life and complain about the real issues. Nobody seems to care if they see a cow feeding it’s calf some good old fashioned milk so why have a ding dong about a mother feeding her baby in public?

Any lasses care to have their say? What do you reckon on it and would you be up for breastfeeding in public? 

Apparently mothers want to breast feed in public but are too frightened through fear of being stared at and branded a naturist.

Anyway this fella talks about being on bail for apparently throwing the ranting bloke off a moving train. There was a fair bit of banter going on between Liam and the idiot who was against the breastfeeding, and the pathetic statement from the anti-breast feeding idiot was “it’s like a brothel in here” because she was doing one of the most natural things in the world (to most of us anyway. Liam Gillets rant goes viral and his video is below which deserves an award and credit to Liam Gillet for this great piece of footage of this first class rant off.



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