Stereotypical people confronting DJs
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Stereotypical people confronting DJs.

Check out the video for more on on what DJs have to put up with on a regular basis.

Most DJs enjoy their work and so they should because what could be worse than making people dance and watching them having a great time whilst you are playing music and getting paid? Well on many occasions DJs do have to put up with stereotypical people confronting DJs when we are busy focusing on making the dance floor rock. The video gives you an idea of each person that is normally always pissed as a newt and can rarely string a sentence together. Each one of the clips is very accurate and many DJs can relate to all of these when they are out working every weekend to keep you on the dance floor at a bar, club, wedding or birthday.

Most of us DJs are very polite and will just send you on your way after listening to a barrel of dribble for the duration of about 10 minutes. It’s usually a member of the guests or club punter that feels like they can tell the DJ what to do and how to do it, and everyone wants to be a DJ right? The sad thing is most of these characters featured in the video probably wouldn’t remember speaking to the DJ in this way once they sober up. So, next time you approach a DJ while he is working and constantly hassle him, think about the pressure he is under to keep you happy and on the dance floor and just leave him to get on with his job. There is a fine line with asking for a tune and having a full blown conversation with him while he is concentrating on keeping you dancing.

A good professional DJ would know how to handle the occasional pissed up ‘know all’ that thinks he can spin tunes better than the DJ so if you are looking for that experienced Pro then head on over here for more information.

Anyway check out the video above.


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