Tannerite explodes and blows off mans leg while shooting at his lawnmower
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tannerite explosives

It’s not everyday that you hear of an incident where a man shoots at a lawnmower full of Tannerite explosives – only in America.

With a nation of gun owners, there is always going to be the odd incident that stands out from the rest.

David Pressley of Georgia USA filled a lawnmower with an explosive substance called Tannerite and decided to shoot at it with his rifle at close range causing an explosion that created shrapnel to fly over to his direction and severe his knee.

David did not do his research on Tannerite as you are not supposed to place it inside any metal objects. There is safety guidelines on the products website which David should of researched on before he did this foolish act but he didn’t and the result was him losing his leg. As you can see in the video below the impact of the explosion sends shrapnel flying everywhere and a piece took a direct hit to his leg.

David Pressley’s neighbour was amazed at the stupidity of his actions and stated that ‘he must of been on drugs to be doing something as stupid as that’. We know that the American people love guns and blowing things up but this is just insane in the membrane..

What is Tannerite? The substance is an explosive material made for firearms practice and is a combination of combination of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. It clearly states that it should not be placed in or around metal unless it is in a controlled situation as some movies use it for effects like blowing up vehicles.

Luckily enough David Pressley was airlifted to hospital and is making a full recovery. We hope he has learnt his lesson and maybe shoot at some tin cans next time rather than highly explosive material.

You can read more about this story here or check out the video below.

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