Thick People Are More Popular
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Thick People Are More Popular.

(New study reveals)

A new study has found that thick people are more popular and the thicker you are, the more friends you have. They have also discovered that the reverse is also true and the more intelligent you are, the less friends you have.

The London School of Economics have discovered that people with lower IQ seem to have ‘higher happiness’ levels when surrounded by lots of friends. They also found out that the opposite was also true, and that those with higher intelligence were happier alone.

Intelligent people found that their happiness levels were lower when in the company of lots of people or friends. This was due to them being more sceptical of others, and if they do have friends its normally for personal gain.

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The study also reveals that people of lower intelligence tend to have many friends for emotional support as well as attention seeking, because they can’t get attention from achieving success through more intelligent means. Intelligent people tend to cry into their text books for comfort during emotional breakdowns rather than turn to their very low amount of friends that they have.

The study has also discovered that many people who live in populated areas like big cities are miserable bastards and the smaller communities like towns and villages tend to be more friendlier. Maybe we don’t need as many people around us as we think.

So next time you discover someone who is exceptionally popular and has hundreds of friends, you will realise that this person is as thick as two short planks. At least you can let them know that thick people are more popular when they get cocky over how popular they are. That will bring them down a peg or two. The same goes for the intelligent and cocky son of a bitches – just tell them that they are ‘Billy No Mates’ and watch how upset they become.

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