Virtual reality sex suit could replace the real thing – watch the video
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Virtual reality sex suit could replace the real thing in years to come..

Many far eastern countries are already testing virtual reality sex suits on individuals willing to give them a demo. There seems to be a market for this which looks like it could be just around the corner.

With the threat of robots taking over the world in the near future, the business of virtual reality sex could be the next big thing. Let’s face it you won’t get the usual excuses like – “I have a headache” / “I’m too tired tonight love” and “the curry keeps repeating on me so I’m not in the mood tonight”.
The virtual reality head sets are already starting to creep into households across the world what with Google Cardboard being sold on eBay and various other headsets that are similar and you can just slip your iphone into the case and download 3D videos and apps with 360 degree footage to make it look and feel like you are really there. The sex market is bound to latch onto this in the next year or two and make a fortune.
Will the virtual reality sex market ever replace physical reality sex? Probably not initially but there is a real possibility in the near future that people could really enjoy themselves in the virtual world with these sex suits and software and videos that make it look like you are really there. There will be a nation of humans in sex suits enjoying themselves all on their own, confined within their 4 walls without anyone knowing.
Having the technology to be able to arouse yourself without all the drama that goes with having physical sex could also bring the population down by a few million. The human race will eventually be a race of droids taken over by technology in every way possible.
It’s looking that way now…
Here is a video for you to enjoy – you can be surprised, amused, scared or shocked by the fella getting right into the virtual sex suit that he is wearing.

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