The Walmart Aisle Fires Have Got Out Of Hand
by on April 6, 2017 in April 2016

walmart aisle fire

The Walmart Aisle Fires Have Got Out Of Hand

Sooner or later people will get hurt.

The Walmart aisle fires seem to be an ongoing trend.

A few years back there was a fire in a Walmart store in Durango, Colorado and the video was posted on Youtube. It caused a huge response online from people who couldn’t understand why there were people casually observing the fire and not intervening to put the fire out. ¬†Eventually the fire was extinguished by a member of staff but it took them ages to realise that someone had caught the aisle alight.

Various people can be seen walking past the aisle in a very calm manner as well as a few people finding the fire rather amusing. The person filming the fire was more concerned about getting that viral video by the looks of things. Its an unbelievable video and makes you wonder how anyone was not hurt or burned.

Walmart Fireworks


Back in 2016 two people were caught setting fire to a fireworks aisle in a Walmart store in Phoenix Arizona. The video shows a man lighting one of the fireworks and then you see the whole aisle go up in flames. According to news reports, the two people responsible have gone to jail for 20 years for this crime. Some people will go through great lengths to get that viral video and even risk jail FFS!

Recent Walmart Fire

More recently 18 year old Christopher Walthour was caught setting alight to another aisle in a Walmart store in Pooler USA.

According to news sources Christopher worked in a fast food store and he was probably influenced by the recent Walmart aisle fires videos that have been surfacing on social media and Youtube. There were 2 witnesses at the scene that helped put the fire out with 2 gallons of water, before the fire department came to finish the job.

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