Watch Sewer Explode Like A Bomb When Man Drops Cigarette
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Watch Sewer Hole Explode Like A Bomb When Man Drops Cigarette.

He won’t be doing that again in a hurry..

We know smoking can be bad for your health but this video footage takes it to another level of bad health. There appears to be a hole in the ground and a man casually walks towards it, kicking stones around the hole. Its a sewer hole and throwing lit cigarettes into it is not advised as you will see in the video below.

The video originates from Pakistan and shows the man throwing in a lit cigarette and the rest results in a ‘sonic boom’ that was heard 5 miles away. The sewer explodes like a bomb and the man then manages to crawl away in pain and shock to be met by someone walking by, who quite possibly helped him on his feet. The video stops just before he gets any help from passers by.


The story about this video is a bit vague but apparently he was in a state of shock for months afterwards. The man claims that he experienced nightmares where he was surrounded by sewer gas, and every time he moved the gas would ignite and a bunch of gigantic sewer rats would appear laughing at him. He said it has changed his life to the extent where he can’t even walk past a sewer lid in the street, without screaming and holding his ears.

There is something that resembles a cartoon while watching the video and I am sure you will agree that it looks quite humorous even though he was hurt quite badly. The man was asked whether he had any sewage hit him in the explosion – he quietly stated: “I did feel something wet and sticky hit my face and it smelt like crap, but I was hoping it was something less disgusting. It’s a good job I didn’t have my mouth open so I was very lucky”

The moral of the story is to not stick things in a hole that you don’t know about, or you could suffer the consequences. 

Check out the short video below and witness the sewer explosion from hell!



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